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Team Spotlight: International Recruitment Coordinators, Employer Relations

Meet CIEE’s International Recruitment Coordinator team!  Our team of 6 coordinators and 1 manager is part of the Employer Relations team and works in conjunction with the International Recruitment Consultants to provide high quality service to our Host Employers.  In addition to taking the lead on your student in-country issues throughout the season, behind the scenes this team owns many operational tasks which include:
     • building marketing websites for host employers to attract the very best students
     • collecting compliance documents from host employers
     • sending a job profile to every hired student
     • sending hiring reports and hiring updates to host employers
     • interviewing and hiring students for your business
     • and much more!

With interviewing and hiring being such a large part of this team’s responsibilities, here are a few impressive stats from last year’s summer 2018 hiring season:
     • The team interviewed roughly 1,620 students virtually. Assuming each interview averaged 12 minutes, the team spent over 320 hours recruiting virtually!
     • On average, each member of the team interviewed about 220 students (44 hours) virtually.
     • The team also spent 60 days on the road traveling to meet, interview and hire participants in their home countries for your businesses.

For this upcoming summer season, the team has been busy again with virtual interviews. They have interviewed 800+ participants virtually and this number grows every day. They also have a busy upcoming travel schedule with 60 upcoming days on the road taking them throughout Europe, Asia, and South America to recruit and hire students for your business.


Without this team, your jobs would not be marketed to participants, participants would not be hired, and student in-country issues would not be resolved!
     • Molly McCarthy: Manager, Employer Relations.  Molly has been managing this team for 2 years and has been working for CIEE for 11 years. 
     • Erin Olson: Senior International Recruitment Coordinator.  Erin has been on the team for 7 years.
     • Krista Williamson: International Recruitment Coordinator.  Krista has been on the team 3 years. 
     • Jack Obery: International Recruitment Coordinator.  Jack has been on the team for 1.5 years.
     • Lily Cuellar: International Recruitment Coordinator.  Lily started on the team about 1 year ago.
     • Brandelyn Hodgdon: International Recruitment Coordinator.  Brandelyn started on the team about 1 year ago.
     • Sarah Flynn: Our newest team member officially joined the team in November 2018 but has been working at CIEE in various capacities for just over 1 year.  

By Sarah Flynn, International Recruitment Coordinator