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Don’t Wait Until May – Student Communication Begins Now!

The Summer 2016 recruitment season is now in full swing. Students selected to work for you this summer will be excited and quite possibly a little bit nervous. They also may have questions or want additional clarification. Right now is the best time to harness their anticipation, set expectations, and start building a relationship with your future team members. 

Early communication can be done in periodic emails in the months ahead, through Skype calls, or a combination of both. We have found that the more students hear from you, the more they will start to feel connected to your location!

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Here are a few ideas on what to talk about when reaching out:

Set and Clarify Expectations!

  • Remind them of grooming and uniform requirements. For example, if students need to bring black pants and slip-resistant shoes, remind them of this. Even better – send them pictures of what they will need!
  • Reconfirm job duties and functions.
  • Let students know what kind of weather to expect upon arrival and consider sending a packing list. Remember, they will be traveling with a few suitcases and will only be able to pack the essentials. They will want to make that space count and be prepared.
  • Communicate any next steps that they need to do between the time of hire and travel to the United States. For example, if they need to fill out online paperwork for you, remind them of this.
  • Arrivals, Arrivals, Arrivals – Remind students of the most efficient and cost effective way to get to your location. This may involve sending contact information, resources and online links to the best options. If you require specific details from them to make arrangements, remind them of these requirements and set deadlines. 

Build Excitement!

  • Take photos of your management team to “introduce them” via email.
  • Send current pictures of your property and any updates on new construction or location improvements.
  • Send community information to students. If your community has a schedule of local events, or online resources, be sure to include them!
  • Paint the picture of your community and what students can expect highlighting anything new and what they might want to check out in their free time. For example, if there is a new shopping facility or restaurant being built in your town or even a new bus route being added, tell them about it!
  • Send photos or testimonials from former employees.

Use Social Media!

  • If you have a Facebook Page, closed group, or employee-only portal, invite students to the group or let them know how to find you.
  • If your community has an International Student Outreach Program (ISOP), send them any online resources or Facebook pages for these groups.

If you need assistance in finding student contact information or resumes, please reach out to CIEE. Let the communication begin!

– Jamie Fisher, CIEE Regional Sales Manager